Wandboard und Powermanagement 


Aufbauen eines Funktionsprototyps auf Wandboard-Basis:

Integration eines Powermanagementsystems, einer Sensorbuchse und des Wandboards in ein Industriegehäuse. 

Konnektivität zum Embedded-Linux-System über WLAN und SSH sowie über einen Webservice zur Remotekontrolle.


BD-SL-I.MX6 Sabre Lite Development

Boundary Devices BD-SL-i.MX6 Development Board

Boundary Devices BD-SL-i.MX6 Development Board is a low-cost development platform featuring the powerful i.MX 6Quad applications processor. Products based on the NXP SABRE (Smart Application Blueprint for Rapid Engineering) Lite platform for i.MX6 applications processors enable cost-effective, rapid development of multimedia applications for Android® and Linux® operating systems.


Project Tasks:


Compile and Configurate Bootloader

Compile and Configurate LInux Kernel


Setup Linux Rootfile System


Run Linux and access via SSH or Connected Hardware + Monitor


Connect Hardware Pins to existing can-bus-setup


Write C-Software to access CAN-Bus Packages: Software Listend to TCP/IP Socket Connection for Commands. Responded with Data gathered from CAN-Bus devices. Send control-commands to CAN-Bus


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