Stellaris Save Game Editor Project

I have been playing Stellaris and all of it's DLC for over a year now. 


A few month ago I read an article describing how to edit the Savegames of Stellaris, but finding and editing the values in the huge gamestate files was a real pain. 

Beeing a lazy person (and a programmer) I deciced to create a small programm helping me to modify the parts of the savegames that are intersting for me:

- Traits

- Technologies

- Planet-Tiles


Stellaris Savegame Editor Features


This Alpha Version has proberbly lot's of Bugs and Problems, but the following stuff should be possible:

1. Setting the Game Root Folder in Settings Section. This is nessesarry to parse the gamefiles for valid options for Tech's and Trait's

2. Opening Savegame Files

3. Parsing the savegame files in a dependency tree-like structure

4. Showing the extracted properties (like empieres, planets) in there corrosponding tabs

5. Selecting an empire in Technologie-Tab: Indication of researched technologies. Checking / Unchecking of Technologies

6. Selecting an empire in Traits-Tab: Indication of selected Treits Checking / Unchecking of Traits 

7. Seeing all planets in Planet Tabs - All Planets List

8. Filtering all Planets List by a string to find your planet faster

9. Seeing the selected Planets tiles (View is ugly. Red Color indicates a tile-blocker, checked checkboxes indicate population. Both not modifyable yet)

10. Seeing the selected tiles resource modifiers and there values. Values can be changed (from 1.000 to 100.000 for example). New Modifiers can be added. 

11. It's not possible yet to add new resource modifiers to tiles without a resource modifier yet. 

12. Saving the modified savegame: Stores the new savegame like: original savegame name + mod.sav



Stellaris Savegame Editor Download

Stellaris Savegame Editor Alpha v0.1
First Version of the Savegame Editor
Stellaris Save Editor_Alpha_v0.1.rar
Komprimierte Archivdatei [13.8 KB]

Stellaris Savegame Editor Screenshots

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